Just The Beginning Lyrics


Kenn - Just The Beginning Lyrics

Let's talk right now baby
I know, I know

I'm moving sneaky through these streets at night
Got a couple bands from that acting life
She talking crazy, yea I like her type
But she gonna love me when I lay this pipe

I can't believe I get to live this life
Moved to the A, and now I'm feeling right
They think I'm stagnant but I'm moving nice
Working this music shit is next in life

Back when it was us
I feel like I wasn't my best self
Never told ya
How could you ever blame me
Stress tipping over
Things in my life moving slower and slower

I just had to thank God
For all the blessings that he gave me
Never thought I would be

Ready for it all my life
Because of how it came to be
But then I realized that my whole life has change

Crazy life man
Gotta think God for all of it
2020 been my best year yet

I never thought I would make it this far
Or even get to this place


Just want to say I'm thankful
And I know
This is just the beginning

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