Pink Glitter Lyrics


Jigg - Pink Glitter Lyrics

Falling asleep, I can hear your voice
Your arms around me
When did you believe you had no choice?
Sing it for me

Wish I didn't lock my heart
Cuz I just want to see your smile
You were such a work of art
Why would I leave it to die?

Showed up and made me see
I never knew a thing, yuh
Cuz I'm not everybody's everything

And I wanna shine like you
And I wanna die like you
How was the world at your eyes?
How was it when you were high?

Pink glitter on the ground
On the places you found
We are all missing your sound
Still looking for you in the background

Crying out loud for you
I've been proud of you
But I just wish I would have been part of the crowd

Wish I didn't lock my heart
Cuz I just want to see your smile
My dreams won't get torn apart
I'll be trying for a while

Pretending to be all known
I hope to glow the way you do
Not wanting it to be shown
Knowing that it won't come true

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