Go Getter Lyrics

Jeyespee Feat. Tritrios

Jeyespee Feat. Tritrios - Go Getter Lyrics

I'm building up myself
Don't care about the crowd's laugh
Don't care about the ingnores, I'm gonna win
Cause I'm clad with the bulwark
Never lie to myself
Success after struggle
Work hard in the silence
You'll shine bright like the diamond
People want some motivation to ignite the spark
I'm the raconteur
Don't worry you can travel with me to the heights
I'm the chopper chauffeur
Turn up the volume to the beast mode
Lyrical bullets are the cheat code
Shot shot and reload
My encoded throb burst and implode
Life is a rollercoaster
Sit relax and play the piano
If it's a roaster or toaster
Let's prepare for the taco
Aim at the bullseye
Don't stand still
Hold the grip and shoot like
There's no other chance let's load up the ammo
Don't do the moves
When you gone confused
Think it check twice to what to prove
God blessed it
Not to wreck it
Stay deaf when the bunch of idiots said to pick it
Peak into make it a better version of yourself
Take a pen and write your mighty destination on envelope
Put the critics apart, it's not a needed one thus we don't
Care about the praiser or criticizer
We need to grow

It's a key to the greatest globe
Don't get low when you slip in slope
Push yourself little more
Stay hard intent, don't give up

Was thought this gift is a curse
Made days to the worst
They call me loser, lunatic boozer
Made to think I was lost and unversed
No sleep on the bed, ruminate thoughts in the head
Was about to whine like a wimp, like a waterless shrimp
I was started to shred
Instead of seeing red and fed up
Made up myself a med to lead a better life to get a shade
Not to strayed I swear to god I prayed to get some
Deal to get some pay
To have a meal on my table everyday, till today

It's a key to the greatest globe
Don't get low when you slip in slope
Push yourself little more
Stay hard intent, don't give up

Everyone faces many struggles
Overcoming any hurdles
Not for a day loved one prayers save them from crumble
Wake up and tke a cup of tea and sip it
And think on your hobby turn into your passion
Then see what's gonna happen
Self satisfaction is better than vexation so
Stop fooling yourself or you'll be full of remorse, ofcourse
No one is there to do your job, self as snob
Live your dreams, catch it before it fade away
Grab it don't disarray
Give your best as possible, think it's feasible
Stop mumbling jumble
Ok to start it from scribble
You're not a feeble
That's my request to lot of people
Your efforts will centuple
Practice practice practice and that simple, credible
Yeah I'm telling you credible facts
Cent percent exact you born incredible
Want fantasy? Do with strategy, fantasy will come in real
Whatever you'll be the conqueror when you through out your fear
No one but your efforts would bring your success to near
Tear the screen, smash the wall, that blocks you,
Make your way clear
Thus what I'm reciting my lyrics as best I can
Through this TriTrios Noel's beats, Oh man
See what the surprise is about to come
When you drop all the shit and push to crest
You'll be number one
I'm about to rip every negativity
All we wanna spread positivity
Letting drown ourself,what? How can we?
Control your mind you become as you want to be

It's a key to the greatest globe
Don't get low when you slip in slope
Push yourself little more
Stay hard intent, don't give up

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