Scar Lyrics


YUNG SWORD - Scar Lyrics

The scar that'll never be healed
I used to live in peace
Before you came into my heart
But now you can't leave
Your memory lives inside my veins
Into my veins

Another time I'm knife-cutting it
Another time you blame it on me
Another time I'm bleeding for free
Maybe this time It won't stop bleeding out

Maybe this time I can finally get you out
And this stupid blood stops seeming like you
It keeps seeming you

You don't know how does it feel
The pain inside is like acid on my skin

I know that you can't help me
Honey I understand that
And I don't wanna be with you
But God! How it hurts now

If I wanna live today I need to bleed it out
Let my blood be a cleaning river
Goodbye memories and all mistakes
Goodbye memories. Goodbye all mistakes

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