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So Much Hope, Buried.

So Much Hope, Buried. - Keepsake Lyrics

For the first time I felt at home in your eyes
The love that you poured into me
Was the purest and most honest love I have ever experienced

It washed over me like the strongest of currents
All I wanted was drown within your waves of affection
Although we had a barrier of confused words
Your love crossed the trench of miscommunication
And made it's home in my heart and mine in yours
And even as this distance brings us farther apart
And your love becomes inaccessible to me
And this silence becomes all the more deafening

But I will never forget your laugh
Your touch
And your beautiful smile
I will carry this love to my grave
Even if your affections cease for me
I will be forever reaching for you
Though I now return to the husk of a house
To rest this weary head of mine
I will never truly find peace
Home is where my heart is and I left it with you
I left it with you for safe keeping
And I pray that I still have a place to come home to
So please keep the door unlocked
So I can embrace your fragile frame once more

But will there be a home to return to
If the foundation has decayed like our love
For the first time I felt alive
When I was beside you
I feel the weight of your absence
And the vacancy in my chest cavity

I realized that although our love was real
I truly believe that I'll never be able to call your heart my home

Despite the pain
The distance and the ache
I know that I'm not a mistake
I am a son and I am loved completely

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