Nightmare Lyrics

Maria Rudfoss

Maria Rudfoss - Nightmare Lyrics

Nightmares are too real to me
I scream, I cry, yeah laughter turns to tears
They're not real but I'm convinced they'll be
And I'll wake up unhappy

Suddenly you appear, you come to rescue
And baby for that I thank you
At night you gimme comfort
When I'm feeling under the weather

Even in my dreams you save me

I had a nightmare everybody were against my existence
They told me straight to my face
Why me life should end
I couldn't comprehend, thought they were my friends

It's so surreal to me how this could be
And you rescuing me in dreamland
There's no way you could know
What this means to me (to me, oh)

Even in my dreams you save me
Even in my dreams you save me

They were so convincing but so were you
I'm once again reminded to choose what to listen to
And if a nightmare reappears I will not fear
'Cause I'll have you, I'll have you
But I would love to share something with you dear
A good dream, a good feeling
Yeah, I would love to share a good dream with you
Instead (instead)
Instead (instead)
In bed

Even in my dreams you save me
I just love that you're here with me

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